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Adventures of Bo Carpenter

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Bo Carpenter is a sturdy and brave boy with a knack for danger and adventure; he is the bravest boy in the entire Weird-Rock community. 

Weird-Rock is a safe and attractive place; bad things do not happen in Weird-Rock. Except bad times have come to Weird-Rock, and the Stupidt brothers left a ransom note.

Don is Bo's best friend and sidekick, but not always an eager accomplice. Don is just an ordinary and a very scared boy.

While attempting to rescue Bo's first love Rebel, Bo and Don travel over many land and water before they ended up at Lying-Man-Stew, where they will rescue Rebel or die trying. And all while being hunted down by the Squatters from Weary-Man-Valley, entertained by the mountain-dwellers at the Go-Back-South-Mountains, placed at risk by the horseback riders of Grace-Ground and initiated by the crocodile hunters of Deep-River-Brave. Can Bo succeed in this tremendous important task?

Join Bo on his first great adventure: an adventure that will take him and Don from home to Lying-Man-Stew and back home again.

So, let us follow Bo and Don on a wild, adventurous and occasionally frightening journey filled with love, friendship, fear, laughter and surprises. You will love it… I promise.

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