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The Passing Of Merlin Zauber
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This novel is a graphic account of the after-death experiences of a pediatric psychotherapist, Dr. Merlin Zauber. After an extensive dream journey following his death from a stroke, Merlin is welcomed into the afterlife by a helpful soul, Alexander. This soul explains that while the mind remains sharp after death, there are no senses beyond sight and no ability to feel pleasure or pain, no gender, and the only communication is telepathic. Merlin meets the spirit of the boy Eric, one of his former patients who committed suicide after performing a brilliant solo at a children's choral concert. The spirit Sibyl guides Eric to understand a past-life trauma that lay behind this action. Sibyl then helps Merlin recall a series of eleven of his own previous lives that affected his current spiritual state. After remembering these incarnations, Merlin refines his spirituality and prepares himself for his next incarnation, in which he will write a book accurately describing the afterlife.
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ISBN: 9781450081221
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The Passing Of Merlin Zauber - R. J. R. Rockwood

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