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What Manner of Man Is This?
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This is a book about the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth, who arguably was the greatest man who ever lived. A number of his followers believed him to be their long awaited and prophesied Messiah, who would restore the kingdom the Jews enjoyed under kings David and his son Solomon. His story herein is told using several different, and sometimes differing, sources: (1) The Holy Bible – both Old and New Testaments; (2) New Testament scholars and historians who make frequent use of documents discovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945 (many Gnostic in character) and the scrolls discovered near ancient Qumran in Palestine, the first of which were discovered in 1947 (the so-called “Dead Sea Scrolls”); (3) past life recalls as uncovered by trained hypnotherapists; and (4) two well-known twentieth century psychics, Edgar Cayce and Levi Dowling, both of whom claimed they were able to obtain information at the time Jesus lived from God’s Book of Life called by them, the akashic records. Often, but not always, which of these various sources is most believable is left up to the reader. To supplement the material quoted herein footnotes are provided that list the author and publisher of more than sixty books used by the author in doing research for this book.
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