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A Blade of Grass

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A Blade of Grass is a compilation of daily blog posts dating from a few days after the 2016 presidential election through mid-June 2017. The blog, entitled The Republican Democratic Rag, was written with a few purposes in mind. To help the author and those that read it to have a better understanding of our country's laws and Constitution. To examine the makeup of the government that would now presume to make decisions on behalf of the American people. To examine the legal legitimacy of donald trump as the head administrator of our government's administrative branch. Lastly, to provide the author with a forum for expressing his dismay and anger about the state of our country and the acceptance of behavior from our elected and appointed officials that would have been unacceptable and was unheard of prior to donald trump.

Rather than simply reprinting these blog posts in the chronological order in which they first appeared, A Blade of Grass organizes and looks at these posts through the lens of specific topics: our country, our elections, our Constitution, our administration, our Congress, the Second Amendment, health care, donald trump, and the case(s) for impeachment of donald trump.

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