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A Grateful People: An Historical Account of the Founding of a Community

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It was a dark time, but a light shone the way. It was a time of sadness, but also a time of joy. Green Grove was a place not only in terms of geography, but also in terms of a community with a mindset and paradigm of unparalleled and unending proportions. A Grateful People: An Historical Account of the Founding of a Community, chronicles the lives of the people who inhabited this piece of Gods green earthGreen Grove, Lumpkin, Georgia.

In Green Grove, some owned their land and taught their children to do the same, while others sharecropped and lived a different kind of life trying as best they could to eke out a living working for the landowner. They may have been working for a man who treated them differently while their parents taught them that being different did not make them less. It was because of Green Grovethe physical and psychological placethat the children who lived there were able to become productive citizens throughout the United States of America and the world.

A Grateful People chronicles the life of a place that broke through the challenges of the times to create a place of hope where dreams of success became a reality with hard work and perseverance.

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