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Bitsy's Strange Adventures: "Bitsy Meets Miss Maple and Cassie" "Bitsy's New Friends"

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" Bitsy's Strange Adventures" comprises the second and third stories of the Bitsy series. The first is "Bitsy and Big Leaf" published in November of 2011. The story unfolds as Bitsy is carried by the blustery winter wind and lands near a maple leaf. It is important for Bitsy to know his new acquaintences names. Bitsy eventually becomes a close friend to Miss Maple as they spend the rest of winter and early spring under a fir tree. Something happens to Miss Maple but Bitsy is picked up by Cassie who in the first book watched Bitsy grow. He learns about Cassie's school underneath her desk. Cassie looses Bisty as a strong wind blows him from her hand and the third story follows where Bitsy is blown into the lobby of a hotel. He meets another character, Mr. Oak Leafroy. Eventually the two have an adventure floating down a stream. Bitsy falls through a drain but Mr. Oak leafroy becomes stuck. Bitsy is attacked by a rat and is caught in the web of a spider and some friendly bugs. A strange thing occurs as Bitsy and the Bugs are freed from the web. Bitsy saves the bugs, "Nitty" and "Lady" but when they land on a fallen log Bitsy again has to say good bye and is carried off and lands back at the old Apple grove. Yes, and exciting event takes place at the end.

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