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None Shall Be Barren: Michal as a Case Study

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In this book I hope to correct the assertion that people make about Michal, the wife of David as the only woman that was barren even though the Bible never says she was Barren but she had no child.
Through the inspiration and help of the Holy Spirit I come to examine critically the differences between the words "barren'' and "had no child'' and concluded that Michal was not barren and therefore is every daughter of Abraham. Every child of God already has God's promises for his or her life written in the Bible, all that is needed is to read and claim them by faith.
Barrenness/or Infertility does not come from God. Both primary and secondary cases of infertility are man made or self inflicted, but because man in nature will always want to blame their woes on someone else - they often chose to blame God.
The revelation in this book will automatically encourage and empowers you not to give up and not to consider yourself barren for the promise of God is "NONE SHALL BE BARREN''

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