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I Am: A Journey Through Times and Spaces

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I Am is a practical manual for the peaceful worldwide revolution underway. It mandates the end of corporate personhood, and the for profit before people Federal Reserve System. It calls for the establishment of a Federal Department of Integrity, the revamping of our foreign relations and its foreign aid for profit machine and doing away with the clearly unconstitutional income tax.

Bob co-founded several non-profit organizations including Colorados San Luis Valley Solar Energy Association and Alamosa Childrens School during the 1980s. As co-director of the San Luis Valley Energy Center, he traveled nationwide and internationally promoting hands-on, low-cost and no-cost do-it-yourself solar energy and energy conservation technologies. He has worked as a community development specialist in twenty countries.

I Am grounds the reader in an autobiographical journey of empowerment, inspiring the reader to move beyond fear and beyond belief to undertake the great challenges of our times. Bob presents ideas for reversing global warming within a matter of months, for convoking a constitutional assembly, for retooling our factories, creating millions of jobs and creating a sustainable future for the Earth

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