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No Deed Unpunished

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Good or evil, reward or punishment, justice or revenge, who decides?
Today we have laws, people sworn to enforce those laws and a legal system which decides the guilt or innocence of an individual and the manner of punishment.

But what if a crime is not punished? What if the evil act goes unnoticed? What then? Who decides what is evil?

NO DEED UNPUNISHED explores such a quandary. Here a deed committed for all the right intentions is seen in the end as evil and must be punished. But what if the individual who makes this decision is the product of an evil act himself. Might he not be seen as a bad seed, and therefore unqualified to make these decisions? Unfortunately there is no one to counsel or stop this individual before embarking on a mission to punish the evildoer.

Enter New York City Homicide Detective John Straub, assigned to solve a series of heinous crimes committed against seemingly innocent and unrelated women. The only thing these women seem to have in common is that they all have infant sons. So why have they been targeted? Detective Straub and his partner/lover, Detective Nancy Mooney will be called upon to use all their skills and experience to stop the killer before he strikes again. What neither of the detectives realize is that the killer is closer then they think.

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