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Once Upon a Dream

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Rachel Lawrence always had a creative imagination. On her 13th birthday she receives some gifts with no senders name that starts her on a mission to find out who sent them. A crystal token that says it will take you anywhere you dreamed to be on it and a journal with someone named Queen Lynnaria on the cover. These gifts somehow put her best friend Nicole and herself standing in the same place she was standing alone in her dream the night before and is told Queen Lynnaria was kidnapped. Was this one of Rachels creative stories or did they really travel to another reality and become heros for saving the Queen? These places seemed familiar to Rachel was she there before or was it because she dreamed of this before? Neither Rachel or Nicole are sure what happened they just say they had the same exact dream and the same exact time is this possible no matter its one birthday that neither one of them will ever forget because this was one heck of a 13th birthday adventure.

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