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In His Wake

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Every race, creed and color was drawn to this man of men who two thousand years ago divided time and put new calendars on the walls of our world. If he should start preaching on a street corner in your city you would be drawn to listen. Along with you would be your friends, neighbors, coworkers, maybe your doctor, your banker and maybe even your lawyer. You would find the homeless and the hopeless walking with their back packs, pushing their grocery carts and riding their bicycles; loaded with their every possession. You would see the SUVs, Benzs and Bentleys crawling to a stop to hear what God had to say. If he spoke very long you would hear the deep clucking sound of the local news helicopters there to cover the story of this miracle worker. The local TV reporters would fight back tears as they gave their little two minute description of what Jesus was saying and doing. Then you would see and hear other witnesses with their voices breaking with emotion and maybe detect a tear or two as they gave their account of what was happening as they stood in the presence this itinerant preacher. (Jim Hobby/In His Wake)

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