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Journey Every Step Un-Sure

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We all have goals, hopes and dreams. Something we strive and live for. However, for Jack Reilly, he existed. Day in and day out, his purpose in life was to get through each and every day unnoticed. That was until his milestone fiftieth birthday, when his life came crashing down. Alone, afraid and uncertain, he was ready to throw in the towel. Then, at the last moment, Jack wants to live. Left unconscious, he has an out of body experience. He witnesses what most of us long for and will never obtain. A walk with Jesus. Together, side by side, Jack is enlightened by what his life was all about and what was to become of his remaining years. Through the four seasons, Jack is shown that he never walked alone, through even his most difficult times. Jesus was and is, always there next to him. A journey made as one. Awakened back to reality, and no longer frightened of his future, Jack embraces all that life has to offer. Will he be able to face life with this new passion? What is his final destination? And was Jesus real or just a dream..?

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