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Visions of Life

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This book is dedicated to all the wonderful people who've touched my life in so many ways words can't describe the amazing feeling within me...I'm truly grateful for all the life lessons I've learned throughout the years. Without the presence of a higher power none of this would be possible. To my parents who've raised me separately at different stages in my life, you both did an incredible job and this book is an appreciation to you. With all my heart I thank you. To 2 strangers ( Julie Bohannon & Cheyanne Ramos ) who made my dreams a reality and in the process became friends who I will always be indebted to. Julie gave my voice substance and Cheyanne brought my perception alive. To my brother, friend, mentor, inspiration Glen, I love you for leading me to become the man that I am. To my immediate family, Mani...Amazing says it all for you are truly that. To Wilson, Zaryan, Zakara and Zakiah, you will forever continue to be my light...To the entire Island of Barbados...I came from paradise so it's fitting to say I've seen the mountain top...To the entire Alleyne School Alumni...We were all destined to be great...To my entire SWA Family...Thanks for believing in me an affording me an opportunity of a lifetime. To the rest of the world without unity all existence will cease.

To Fabian, Charmaine, Vesta, Lily, The Grazette Family, The Cumberbatch Family, The Griffith Family, The Young Family, The Carrington Family, The Toussaint Family, The Sengpraseuth Family, The Morgan Family and any other family that embraced and welcomed me with open arms...Thank you all.

In Memory of Ronald Concorde Thorne.

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