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The Last Night of Exile

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Gear up for the exciting finale of this last chapter in the trilogy of stories beginning with Baxter Peanut, and expanded in the saga of Perfect Anger A Saltwater Sermon. The stage has been set for the confrontation between a small group of determined friends and curious new alliances against a faceless and unyielding terrorist entity that looks to be something supernatural and otherworldly. Featuring all of the characters you know and remember from the previous two books, The Last Night of Exile manages to bring everyone together for a journey of discovery and reckoning. All questions are answered, thoughts and theories will be provoked, and the biggest surprise of all may lie within the architect of this "Exile" trilogy and the writer's emotional search for inspiration. The winding path to the finish will not disappoint, as the reader quickly finds they are a part of this astonishing and magical trek.

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