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The Garden: He Chose to Give Birth to Us by Giving Us His True Word. and We, out of All Creation, Became His Prized Possession. James 1:18 Nlt

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If Genesis is the book of origins, then the garden of Eden is the first grain of sand to fall through the hourglass of time. It is a microcosm of Gods intention for mankind. It shows us a passionate and creative God who desires someone like Himself, someone to relate to.

Parents adore their first child and fill scrapbooks and photo albums with baby's first Have you ever considered that Adam was God the Fathers first child? Have you ever meditated on the kind of relationship that God desired to have with mankind or wondered what it means to be created in His likeness and in His image? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to walk and talk with the Lord, face to face, without the sin barrier?

The Garden explores that place, that time, where the most passionate heart in the universe prepared a garden as a habitation and a place of fellowship for His first son and daughter.

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