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Forever!: They’Ll All Be There --- Won’T They???

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One morning I shared a flight to Montreal with a fallen Soldier on his final journey home from Afghanistan. It was a very powerful experience!
Meanwhile, our entire Country is up in arms about the poor treatment of Detainees!
But dont despair help is on the way. Religious leaders are parading around blessing people and praying that peace will soon be delivered by someone up above. That should work!

Some things are just plain stupid or just plain wrong. I just cant pass them by!

Our Governments have legislated us right out of our jobs, and continue to deliberately outsource our work to low wage overseas Countries. They still just dont get it!
But there is a lot more to that story you havent heard yet!

When I was a kid I asked Santa Claus for a new set of goalie pads and he came through for me. I also prayed every night for God to save my Granny and my Grandfather and my Father, and he failed me. Would bigger collection plates have helped?

Now its time to put it all into perspective. Whats it all for?
Someday in the near future, itll be me at the front of the church.
Theyll all be there --- wont they???
Forever! isnt happening the way we hoped.
As they close my lid Forever!, what will they all really think of my life?
Was it really just All about ME?

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