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Applying Old Stories to New Lives

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This book is based on my prayerful meditations on what the old stories must mean to us in the everyday present world. In our time, we have historians and scientist all running around attempting to demonstrate whether the stories are true or if they could even be accurate. The religious leaders always state that we use our faith with these stories in these times of faith questioning and proving, not be a doubting Thomas in these times. We do not have to see the scars or the proof, we believe because of the unseen.
The intent of this book is not to change the real meanings in the Bible, but to make us think about the simple parts. Relying on the old trait of finding meaning and symbolism in literature, I have examined these stories.
As you read the stories in scripture and the version of interpretation that I have found, ask yourself, what is God saying to you? Scripture is the love letter from a friend, God. He speaks to each of us differently and with different directions, these may not trigger the same thoughts in your understanding, but if they bring cause for you to examine the word, then I have been successful.
As you begin to read this book, be prepared to ask yourself questions. Be prepared to listen to what God is telling you. So often we read a story and that is the story, we never revisit it. But the Bible is not like a regular book; it can be read over and over, each time revealing something more intriguing than the last.
The layout of this book is to first consider who we are, what our role is in this vast community of people. Then I move through a section imaging how we interact and learn to live in Gods love and grace. Finally, I discuss some of our daily activities such as work, school, home ownership, and voting.

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