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Intimate Expression: An Orphan’S Experience of Healing

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Intimate Expressions: An Orphans Experience of Healing is a book about the path to survival and love. The book chronicles Denniss bleak childhood as a ward of the state and his subsequent struggle to find a path of spiritual enlightenment and healing. Losing his parents at the age of four, Dennis is thrown into a world of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse in an orphanage. Growing up without the love of parents then hurled into a world indifferent to his sufferings, Dennis manages not only to survive but to help others along the way.
Dennis shares his years of healing in a way that draws you in, touches your soul, and helps anyone on a similar journey of healing. At thirty-one, Dennis sought a new path to free himself from the nightmares and suicidal feelings that plagued his early life. For the next twenty years, he walked a new path that changed his behaviors, beliefs, and attitude about life, eventually emerging as a new person inside and out.
This book will tug at your heartstrings and point you toward a life of love and happiness. Today Dennis continues to guide lost souls to find their own peace and wisdom.

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