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More Than Conquerors

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In his recent book, Spiritual Battle, the author used the expository method of the Word of God. He presented the aspect of prayer in the work of intercessors, as the Christians most powerful weapon; the basic issues of the Trinity in which all the weapons might be used in accordance with the Throne of Grace. The related issues of the Father as the Provider; of the Son, as Mediator; of the Holy Spirit, as Helper assured security in the battle against the saints of the Lord. Furthermore, the author intended to reveal the Christians enemy - the devil, the enemy of Godunveiling his strategy since the beginning and his methods of attack. Finally, he proves that the prayer warriors weapons are effective.
Now, he exposes the best strategies to battle, as per the Word of God, as a weapon of attack. The best strategy in a battle is the offensive! But when we are dealing with the enemy, we must outnumber him three times more. The weapons must be used with full power in the combat front, but supported by heavier and more accurate long range weapons.
We are part of an army where the General is Christ - his number of celestial angels is three times higher. His invincible power is the Trinity, where the Father is unchangeable and indestructible; the Son, everlasting, lives forever; the Holy Spirit guarantees great power above any power existing on Earth or beyond.
The author, in the first part of this book, talks about real Me experiences since his childhood, through his teen years, youth and the early stages of his own family engagement and marriage - the call to his ministry, showing in a simple example how the Lord of the Harvest works through his servants, as they present themselves as a living, holy and pleasant sacrifice to him.
After 30 years as a minister, since the early 60s, the Lords call for the author to be an Ambassador to more than 140 countries, preaching the Gospel in several languages and dialects and being prepared for the Holy Spirits work in a very special way, always trying to maintain his self control, studying all the manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit and of the glory of the Throne of God through the mediation of our Lord of lords - Jesus Christ - our supreme Master, Savior and King.
Sharing his personal testimony of three decades of victory, to the glory of Jesus, in the word of testimony logos - and of the word of faith - rhema - the author intends to establish the link between the authority of the word logos, witnessed through the ages, and the circumstances when the Lord delivers his power so as to make us more than conquerors.
It is essential, therefore, that each soldier of Christ become a brave warrior, who correctly handles the armor of God.
Each Christian is under the foreknowledge of God, from birth to death. The heavenly Father knows his children in their mothers womb, like Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:5). Thus, all who are called are chosen, however, only a few respond in a positive way to his call. This is why Jesus said that a few are the chosen ones; as in the case of the warriors who were not prepared for the battle (Judges 7:2-9).

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