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Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: Our Womb of Life

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We live in a prophetic time. The interpretation of holy texts, private revelations, and numerous prophecies all point to our current period as the time of a great world transformation. This "Purification Time," as some call it, is when the deeper knowledge of our Earth Mother, and the process progressing us within our sun system, are needed to prepare us for this special period, when unexpected events and fateful choices will arise for each of us. Following their instructions for this period, native priests, and other elders, are restoring sacred knowledge preserved through the ages. It is time for us to remember the true nature of the Earth, and our deep roots within Her life, and how we have been progressing with the Earth through the ages, toward a goal that is about to climax.
The author spent two years with his native father, a high priest of his people, helping to pass on this knowledge. Now in his sixties, the author has continued sharing this information wherever he can: on the Internet, in a university project, and now in this book, where it is hoped that our Earth Mother's message will reach a larger audience.

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