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2012, the Next Y2k?: Book One: the Realistic Possibilities

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Is December 21st 2012 the next Y2K?
Or, Is It The End of the World?

Many so called experts want you to believe that on that day the world will end in a horrific way and all life on it will cease. They say it is because the Mayan calendar stops that day. After all, the Mayans have made predictions that have come true in their calendar. But thats another story.

But really, think about it for a minute. The earth has been around for a long, long time. Just because the Mayans stopped their calendar on that date, does it mean the end for all? I think not. This is a realistic look at some of the possibilities of occurrences happening in the world today.

The following was taken from the blog, 2012 the Next It is in chronological date order from October 2010 to July 2011. It shows current events of the time and ties together how these events can be twisted into possible reasons to support the doomsday theories for 2012 or not. It is meant to provoke thought, surprise you and sometimes give a bit of humor to brighten your day. By taking a subject and using the 'out of the box' mentality it can be fun and surprising to explore the possible outcomes of an event.

There are a few sections that can be a bit of a stretch, but when you think about the subject matter and the thought behind it, it might be an idea that you may have never thought of.

If nothing else, you might find one or two sections that you can take away something from. Be it a little different way of thinking about a subject or just a chuckle.

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