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The Unsealing of the Book of Genesis

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Because of the time in which we live, I wanted to find a way to share with others an understanding that God has given to me. He allowed me to eat from His table. If a person can open their mind to the possibility; this book will take those that read it to places that they have never been before. It will allow them to see Christ like never before! They will hear that calm still voice like never before. This book will expose Satan, it unseals the book of Genesis, it shows the resurrection step by step.

I believe this knowledge came from Christ, and this book will speak for itself.

While studying the word hour after hour, day after day, I would see signs of the resurrection in the book of Genesis. A few years later studying Christ and the Comforter I began to see more in the book of Genesis than I had in the past. After ten years of studying, I wanted to help other people see Christ and the Comforter in a better light. It still took another ten years to get here.

If a person reads this book they will never be the same. I made it a point to deal only with facts! I want the readers to think for themselves according to the words of the bible and not my belief or the belief of any other man. All that you read in this book will prove that it came from a power above, and not from I.

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