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Because Spirit Said So

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Because Spirit Said So was inspired by and sometimes dictated by spirits. The author wrote these plays while in an altered state of consciousness mostly between the hours of midnight and 4AM. Her world is a quieter place during that time of the night. Vehicular traffic is almost non-existent, phones are not ringing, dogs are not barking and most importantly her husband and her cats are sound asleep.
Claire will introduce you to her world standing at the edge of the veil. She will help you to experience the emotions transmitted from the Spirit World. Sometimes our loved ones who have crossed over are passionately trying to right wrongs committed in their last lifetime. Sometimes they just want us to know that life continues beyond the mortuary icebox. The play The Table gives us the most wonderful news of all; our loved ones can still communicate with us.
The Foundation is the story about a murdered peddler in upstate New York. This play is written from the eyes of the victim, Charles osna. Charles sold sewing fabrics and needlework trinkets door to door in 1848. Bad weather and physical exhaustion led him into a false sense of security. He passionately wanted to bring his murderer to justice. This is a true story. Your author combed the archives of the Lily Dale Library and the 1848 newspaper microfiche in the Rochester, NY library searching for proof. She researched census records and inspected numerous graveyards; but, the very best information came from the spirit rapper himself.

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