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Good Morning, Morning Glory

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George Jonas is a larger-than-life businessman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He and his wife, Despina, have been living an idyllic life on Hilton Head Island for five years. But when his spirited, middle-aged wife suddenly falls ill the morning after Mothers Day and lies before himmotionless and radiantly beautifulGeorge is overcome with a foreboding feeling. His life is about to change forever.

Despite the doctors valiant attempts to save Despina through a complicated surgery, she lapses into a coma. Still full of hope despite the insurmountable odds that hover over his wife like a dark cloud, Georges grief is boundless when Despina eventually dies, even as his children, John and DAnn, rally around him. After thirty years with his wife, he finds himself desperately alone, haunted by his memories, and wracked with guilt. As he blindly embarks down an emotional path of grief that leads him from denial to rage to eventual acceptance of the inevitable, George learns more about himselfand his inner strengththan he ever could have imagined.

Good Morning, Morning Glory shares the tale of one mans intense and powerful journey of self-discovery as he moves from the depths of despair within hospital corridors to joyful heights atop Mexicos pyramids.

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