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Nuclear Ruse

268 pages4 hours


It is a perfect day for golf in Albany, New York. Amateur golfers Ed Michaels, Bill Moretti, and Frank Solis have just topped off their ideal day at the golf course with cold beers. As the trio heads to their cars in the parking lot, the men have no idea that their lives are about to change forever.

After two burly men throw them into the back of a van at gunpoint and take them to a basement in a seedy part of New York City, Ed, Bill, and Frank each wonder what will become of themselves. With no clue as to why they have been snatched in broad daylight, Ed secretly speculates whether his gambling addiction has caught up with him. Bill wonders if his competitors are retaliating for his ruthless business practices. But it is when the kidnappers confront Frank that he discovers he is the target, simply because he works in a nuclear laboratory.

In this political thriller, three men are unwittingly taken on a dangerous journey that leads them from upstate New York to the streets of Little Havana, where they are forced to face agents of terrorists with bold plans to steal some of our most guarded secrets. Only time will tell if Ed, Bill, and Frank can survive and prevent the terrorists from achieving their goals.

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