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You Were There

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After a tragic drunk driving accident, the woman who had been my friend, sister, mentor, and overseer was taken from this world. Tonya survives through a tale she began before she passed away what seems like eons ago. As I promised her, the novel she began to write so long ago, Ive completed. We combined words to form the story we always wanted to complete together.

You Were There is based on her life story of teenage alcoholism and drug addiction, loss, fallen hope, the steps she was forced to take to clean up, and picking up the pieces to move forward with her life. Fortunately, I was there to witness the transformation, which in fact transformed me. As people, we search for great signs and inspiration; however, it can sometimes be found in the smallest places. She inspired me with her courage, understanding of life, strength and caring. I was there with her through college, and through the initial adult years before her passing.

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