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A Family Business

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Gary Williams has lived a charmed life, moving up the retail corporate ladder easily on the coat-tails of his friend and mentor Ira Jacobs.

Its time for him to make his move and leave his comfortable office, wanting to make a mark in the retail business on his own.

After a long search for the right opportunity, Gary finds what seems to be the perfect opening. He will take over a distressed, family owned, specialty retail chain; initiate a turn-around and advance it into greatness.

The only challenge appears to be the owner, Dan Collins Senior, an eccentric and some say crazy entrepreneur, who Gary replaces. Dan Collins, the primary stockholder, first supports Gary and his new initiatives and then gradually goes from advocate to mortal enemy. Dan Collins will do whatever it takes to seize back and retain control of His business and if not through the normal business channels, then it will be through personal terror.

Gary slowly enters a world of insanity and on into a nightmare, where he and his family are fighting not only for the business, but for their lives.

Just how crazy is this crazy entrepreneur.

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