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The Legend of Luke Steel

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Derrick Steel was three years old when his mother moved him and his two
sisters away from rural northeast Mississippi to live in St. Louis. Now twelve
years later, fi fteen-year-old Derrick learns that his father, Luke Steel has become
a legendary taxidermist in Mississippi because of his more unconventional
specimens: a huge Hereford bull that now stands beside a prominent steak
house, a pit bulldog who won more than forty-one illegal fi ghts before being
shot by the local sheriff , and a wrestling bear whose fi nal match almost caused
a second civil war in the county. But Derrick also discovers that his father has
now been placed in a mental institution. Why had Luke Steel not contacted
his son? And why was he now in a mental institution? Derricks answers can
only be solved by returning to the place of his birth. And since his initial link
to his father is an aunt who is deaf, Derrick must fi rst learn to communicate
in American Sign Language.

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