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Caught up in the Boogie Woogie World

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You go to the bank to make a withdrawal expecting money to pay your car note and a nagging creditor; then the teller tells you sorry, your account has been overdrawn or your request will result in an overdraft in which you have not subscribed What, are you serious!

Your heart is pounding, you get angry, and your mind starts to race through the memories of hearing and seeing others that have been victimized by the thing called Identity Theft! You have just become the newest victim in the World of the Boogie Woogie!

No man or woman who willing sleeps with a married person is the victim; especially, when it is well known that the person is married or engaged in a common-law arrangement. Whether the person is cute, pretty, smart, rich, or fine it makes no difference when you are in a love triangle or quad and emotions and feeling abound, get ready to be Caught up in the World of the Boogie Woogie. Best advice: When the benefit outweighs the boogie woogie, then it is okay. But when the boogie woogie outweighs the benefit it is time to make a change whether personal, professional, or social.

The Boogie Woogie just dont stop!

This easy-reader is filled with many accounts of the Boogie Woogie in which you may be aware or not, but it will shed laughter, amusement, and conversation but whatever you do just dont you get Caught up in the Boogie Woogie World!

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