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Creating Survivors: Children Able to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Life with Grace

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Parenthood can be a delight, a blessing, and an experience that will give you many proud moments. Parenthood, on the contrary, can be frustrating, discouraging, and can lead to many tearful and embarrassing moments. This book will teach parents the tools necessary to create children who are survivors. Children who are independent, respectful, responsible, frugal, and resilient. I know parenting can be a joy, because my three wonderful loving children have given me a lifetime of joy and continue to do so. I also know that parenting can be a struggle and a major stress.

Watching parents and children struggle has pushed me to write this book. My oldest son who is raising two beautiful girls said, Make it short. We don't have time to read all the philosophical stuff. So here it is, practical tried and true methods for molding your child.

Remember, some children will be easy. Some children will be very difficult. That is the nature of man. All the effort expended early on will come back in blessings ten fold.
Keep the faith!

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