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He Talks with Me

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My message to one is my message to all. Seek me in your daily life and in your quiet time and you shall discover true purpose in living. I am ever available, but how often my children forget to turn to me. This book is a yearlong reminder to seek within and let the love you find express freely in the world. Centered in me, you can live the life I brought you into the world to live: one that serves the greater good and lifts you to the "life more abundant". Take council with me each day and embrace your loving nature. He Talks With Me is one person's recorded guidance from God. The message of love is eternal and never grows old. God wants us to know how much He cares about every aspect of our lives. To that end, His prayer is that this book reaches "those willing to receive it . . . those inspired enough to act from it". May His love be the guiding light of our lives, not just once in awhile, but in every moment.

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