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Scenarios for Singles: Sketches and Scriptures Signifying a Master Plan

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Todays Christian singles are as complex and multi-faceted as the numerous challenges they consistently encounter. In Scenarios for Singles, Ms. Richardson presents a collection of scenarios and sketches that portray Christian singles confronting an extensive range of moral dilemmas. Along with each dilemma comes the opportunity to make bad situations better by both knowing and obeying the Word of God. The guidelines for effectively seeking definitive answers are shown through Bible study, critical thinking and group interaction.

Richardson, a born-again Christian, relies on her personal experiences and the experiences of others to share relatable situations accompanied by four-fold lesson plans that include a case study, role play, group interaction, and Bible study guidance. Christian singles are encouraged to rely on scripture as they contemplate a variety of questions:

Should an unmarried person go out to dinner with a married person?

Is fasting more about giving up pleasure or about repentance over sins?

Does a woman have a right to wear what she wishes to church?

When seeking a mate should all trivial flaws become deal breakers?

Can forgiveness bridge a gap in relationships?

Single people frequently find themselves inundated with difficult choices and often choose the worlds perspective simply because they are not familiar with the biblical viewpoint. Scenarios for Singles provides the opportunity for Gods people to dialogue about important issues from a solid foundation and a master plan.

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