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Love for Life: Reaching out for Joy

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After almost sixty years, author Max Roytenberg was fortunate enough to reclaim his ?rst love. He has been living ever since in a state of lovers delirium. His new poetry collection, Love for Life, mirrors some of his experiences. He believes he is living the ultimate escapist dream, having survived long enough, with all his faculties, to appreciate the opportunity he has been given to escape from his former life, with the love of his life, to live on a storied isle. His is a love story extended over a lifetime.

The poems in this collection offer a selection of those that have been written by Roytenberg over a period of fifty years, but the majority has been written during his sojourn in Ireland.

Roytenberg has focused on the adventures of life, its triumphs and tragedies. Love has many faces, mirrored in the multiple meanings of the title-love of partners, of self, of children, parents, teachers, nature, love of life itself. Roytenberg communicates hoping that the readers will find their own meanings in his words.

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