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Jasmine’S Journey: (I Know I Been Changed)

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Jasmine does not like middle school at all. With her father away in the army, Jasmine struggles to endure every boring day of eighth grade. Desperate to escape her unhappy reality, Jasmine etches her feelings into her desk in an effort to prove that she really is a mean kid. As the days drag on, it seems nothing is going to pull Jasmine out of her misery.

Although her teacher, Mrs. Truth, is excited to teach the students about African history and culture, Jasmine is less than enthused. But after Mrs. Truth introduces Jasmine to a ten-year-old African American historian, Garvey leads Jasmine on an educational journey of self-discovery where she soon realizes that learning can be fun.

Jasmines Journey is the tale of a middle schoolers challenges as she battles personal obstacles and learns an important lesson that she is as great as those who came before her.

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