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This Is Your 'Greater' Year!: A Journey of Waiting on God's Promises

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This book encourages Christians to recognize that the trials and challenges we face are not for our detriment or discouragement but for Gods glory, so that His Son may be glorified through them. Often when we face crisis and trials, we focus on issues that can distort our perception of ourselves, the situation, and Gods ability to work on our behalf. A negative perception coupled with our experiences can create barriers against the power of God in our lives. This book encourages individuals to stand strong and trust God through the process and to overcome fears, anxieties, and unbelief.

This is your greater year! is a roadmap of hope for hope and faith. It highlights guiding principles and positive prayers that can help us navigate the storms of life to avoid being shipwrecked or consumed. It suggests an alternative understanding of journeying, of waiting on the Lord, and attests that delayed is not denied. The book also highlights the pivotal nature of prayer and praise with the knowledge that God is faithful to that which He has promised. A key guiding principle is to remain persistent toward purpose, trusting God to birth a new thing in your life and bless you with an abundant harvest, changing your season. It encourages Christians to be expectant, awaiting change with the understanding that staying strong and trusting in the Lord will produce dividends and move the Master to work on our behalf to turn things around.

Get ready to live your greater year and life now!

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