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Golden Legacy: A Jacsen Kidd Adventure/Mystery

372 pages5 hours


It is 1782 as an old woman stumbles through a familiar row of headstones clutching a metal strongbox that holds her diary, coins, a pistol, and a map. She must bury the strongbox in the exact spot she described in a recent letter to her last blood relative. Someday she prays a relative will read the letter, uncover the box, and find their way to the two bags of gold and jewels she and her partner looted from a Spanish ship and buried on an obscure Caribbean island. After she falls to her knees at her fathers headstone and buries the box, the woman lies down and dies.
Over three hundred years later, Dr. Abigail Hathaway-Chance learns her mother has unexpectedly passed, perhaps under suspicious circumstances. When the family attorney hands Abi two lettersone from her mother and one her mother found under a floorboard years earliershe is propelled onto a dangerous journey where she must enlist the aid of professional treasure hunters, Jacsen Kidd, a descendant of the pirate Captain Kidd, and his partner Pericles Schmoond, a renowned chef and author known as, The Food Archeoligist, and evade a ruthless cleric, his partner a reputed Mafia kingpin and a band of thieves with the hope of finding the fabled treasure of her nefarious ancestor. But Abi and Jac have no idea they are about to discover much more than they ever imagined.

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