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The Reception: Black, White, and Grey

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Delivering a variety of individual experiences and emotions from both the imagination and from personal accounts, The Reception is a poetry collection that guides you through the instinctual, logical, and moral senses of reality.

Poet Allyse Bgin explores how we receive initial ideas or emotions and then translate them into a response or reaction. Through haunting, sometimes stark imagery, Bgin shows how we develop biased and unbiased perceptions of our surroundings based on our own interpretations. Certain poems concentrate on the illogical aspects of life while others take a deeper look into the stories that we tell and retell because they are worth remembering.

Influenced by a wide variety of poets and lyricists William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, E. E. Cummings, Leonard Cohen, Billy Corgan, and Paul McCartneyBgin uses a mixture of free verse and traditional form. Her poetry delivers both complex and simple themes, creating a kaleidoscope of human emotion. She delves into the most basic aspects of life as well as humanitys commonalities, engaging us in a thought provoking dialogue that explores different shades of reality. Whether illogical, heartbreaking, or lighthearted, the poetry in The Reception seeks to touch the very deepest part of your soul and impact your way of thinking for years to come.

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