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No God, No Hell, No Churches, No Saloons

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Mary Bouton can hardly believe anyone would want to live in a town without churches or God. But James, her young physician husband, is enthusiastic about Liberal, a new community being built in southwest Missouri. He sees an opportunity to start a medical practice, but Mary and their daughter, Bertha, are less than excited to leave the only home they have ever known.

Even so, in a matter of weeks, the Bouton family is on their way to Liberala town that greets Christians at the depot with a sign that instructs them to get back on the train and separates Christians and free thinkers with a barbed wire fence. The years pass, and the Boutons immerse themselves in daily life in their new home.

Then, tragedy strikes; their son, Claude, becomes the ?rst person to be buried in Liberal, a town now labeled an atheist, in?del community. As they helplessly watch their daughter, Bertha, blame herself for Claudes death and searches endlessly for answers, the Boutons hope that one day, they can live in a peaceful community that embraces the goodness of God.

No God, No Hell, No Churches, No Saloons is a compelling historical tale of love, family bonds, and the determination of a family to succeed in a town undergoing great change.

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