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Killing Abraham Lincoln: Who Turned the Union's Defeat into Victory in the Battle of Five Forks & the Epic of Cincinnatus with Background Notes

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This epideictic oratory is dedicated to,Thespis of Icaria, the inventor of acting, the first actor, playwright, director, and producer in the worlds theater.

My project is a classic drama style of political theater started in Greece thousands of years ago by Thespis of Icaria on the stage for demonstrating the political views of the Greek civilization. This revolution was passed on to the Romans in the Basilica and Supreme Court where Roman politicians communicate their political views to fellow Romans and Countrymen. Later, the revolution surfaced in England when John Milton, Christopher Marlow, and William Shakespeare started the classic British theater. In the contemporary period, America has carried on this tradition on the Senate Floor, and the House of RepresentativesCongress. The country has also generated talk show hosts, comedians, and moviemakers to carry on this tradition of political theater.

I came across this idea while studying Masters of Arts in Liberal Arts at Sacramento State University in Sacramento California. Since then, I have been adapting history of the Greeks, Romans, Americans and other nations, into Greek style epideictic drama, distinctively reflecting the identities and political views of each nation through classic drama.

Hoping to permanently retell the history of America, I have decided to use Aristotles theory of catharsis to rewrite Americas history through the locus of all presidents to have a permanent knowledge of Americas history. All the plays shall incorporate the principles of American politics, focusing on the values and virtues of the Conservatives and the Liberals.

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