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One Chance in a Lifetime: The Life Story of an Irish Orphan Girl and How She Enriched the Lives of a Family of Eight

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EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING HAPPEN ONCE WHICH CAN CHANGE THEIR LIFE FOREVER. SOME TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT AND FIND THEMSELVES TRULY BLESSED. However, too many let it pass by and forever wonder with regret what could have resulted if they had just accepted the challenge and not let the opportunity pass.

I was a young Naval officer recruit when I met a young Irish orphan girl on a blind date. Her childhood had been far different from most young girls as her father was an Irish immigrant who at around sixty years of age married a young lady in her early thirties. Betts was their only child. Unfortunately her mother died when Betts was just two years old and her father died when she was eleven. From the time she was an infant until she was ready for high school, she lived mainly with two orders of Catholic nuns. At that time she became a foster child to a family from Armenia.

After our first date, Betts and I became a close twosome until my Naval duties took me to the South Pacific during WWII. After a separation of close to fifteen months a Dear John letter brought me to my senses of what was really important in my life.

The book recounts how the situation was rectified as we both realized What Could Change Our Lives Forever And Took Advantage Of It. Just prior to our marriage, Betts said she had spent so much of her life alone that she hoped we would have a large family. That request was answered. Her most gracious, friendly nature was appreciated by everyone she met. She was the center of stability for our family as we weathered the uncertainties of my business career and lived in thirteen homes in five states.

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