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Stay the Course

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It is 1755, and the French, accompanied by their fierce Huron comrades, are wreaking havoc along the shores of the Ohio River Valley, torching and destroying everyone and everything along their murderous path. As Colton Gray, a major in the Virginia Militia and personal scout to Colonel George Washington bravely battles the French and their Indian allies, his new wife, Sashsa, pines for the man of her dreams.
Sashsa, a former debutante in Montreal who was forced to run away from all she loved to avoid an arranged marriage, never expected to fall in love with a strong-willed soldierlet alone marry him. Haunted nightly by passionate dreams of his soul mate, Colton attempts to concentrate on the battles ahead without any idea that Sashsa has a plan of her own. Driven by her intuition that Colton is in trouble, Sashsa risks everything and heads into the battlefield with their young son to find him. When they are finally reunited, neither is prepared for the danger they will face or the choices they must make in order to protect their happinessand their hearts.
In this continuing romantic saga, a tenacious temptress and the man who loves her must stay the course in the midst of a brutal war and sacrifice everything to build a dynasty that will survive the ages of history.

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