Where Are the Children?

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Where Are the Children?

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Mary is on her way to the state of Maryland.
She is as happy as can be.
But the capital city, Annapolis,
is very near to the sea.

In Where Are the Children?, a retired elementary school teacher uses poetry, illustrations, and fun-filled facts to provide children with an exciting way to learn about the United States and its capitals.

For over thirty years, Fannie Brown assessed and used the most efficient, effective, and self-engaging learning techniques for child reading comprehension. In her learning supplement for young children, Brown integrates the names of state capitals into the poems and relies on imagery and rhyme schematics to help youngsters to easily identify the states with the corresponding capitals. From Allen in Alabama to Wash in Washington, DC, children are led through entertaining, lyrical verses that help them recognize all fifty states and their capitals in an entertaining way.

Where Are the Children? shares innovative teaching methods for any parent or educator ready to teach children all about the United States and its historical capitals.
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