This Is a Circle (Mary and Joseph): What If Jesus Was Born as a Native American?

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This Is a Circle (Mary and Joseph): What If Jesus Was Born as a Native American?

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This is the first book of 2 which I will subtitle What if Jesus was born as a Native American? This book, however, is complete in itself. This is a work of fiction, based on the Authors personal Visions and Dreams, Native stories, and the Christian Bible. This takes place in a parallel world that I visited in my dreams.

This story is primarily about the courtship of Mary, an Ojibway maiden, by a Portuguese man named Joseph, which results in the birth of a Native Jesus. This takes place in present time (more or less) in a world where the story of Jesus (and the Bible) has been altered through translation and editing and the people can only believe what they are told is the truth by Rome. Rome did not fall, as in our world, and the head of Rome, is an elusive man known only as the Emperor. This Rome was visited by Aliens, Native Spirits from the Star Sirius who foretold of a prophesy concerning the end of the world.

There are differences in the way the Natives will deal with the Spiritual story of Jesus. One main difference is the Arrow of Truth. This came from a dream that I had about the same point in time that I wrote a 5 part poem called This is a Circle. It was not until about 2 years ago (present time) that a meditation turned Vision Quest, brought it all together, into this story.

...Steven WinterHawk

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