The Debt Abyss: A Portal to Satori

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The Debt Abyss: A Portal to Satori

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (1 rating)
Length: 99 pages1 hour


How did I get myself in to this mess? How am I ever going to get out of it? Its just too much to deal with; so many people depend on me!
Life preserving sustenance oozes from my soul and evaporates around me. Im too weak to take the next breath.
The debt abyss symbolizes a powerful collective human condition, that lures, traps and feeds on indebted minds.
So much of your energy or your thoughts are anxiously engaged to counter the powerful pull from within the debt abyss. Once in its grip, the abyss has the potential to devour anything and anyone in its path, like the relentless flow of lava down the once green slopes of a mountain.
Only the effect of opposing natural forces such as cool air and water can slow down its momentum and eventually stop its flow all together, but not before it has done almost irreparable damage.
This work is such a natural force.
I sensed a guiding awe within the creative realms of this work, in pondering how humanity can ever break free from the pull within the debt abyss. A precise quantity of souls across the expanses reach has become wearisome, their feeling devoid of a sense of being, disconnected, overburdened with the prospect of living with themselves for another day.
The sobering truths in this book will arm you with a different perceptive of why you are within the abyss, and that you have the hope of options.
Together we deflate the burden by exploring reasons for and effects of indebtedness. We unpack the more common excuses used to remain within its grasp. By asking, what now, the solutions and tools are offered to improve your mental fiber and help you rise above its pull, once and for all.
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