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18 Million Reasons to Die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles

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The Mexican based Ruiz crime family flourished from exporting printed pornography to Europe laundering the huge profits through the Viennese Liberec International Bank.

When widowed, Fernando and son Carlos relocated to Miami. Carlos was despatched off to finish his education in New York State where he established friendships with the sons of wealthy and politically ambitious families.
Carlos videoed his liaisons with the mothers of his fellow students.

What he did not appreciate at the time was just how valuable such videos would be when his school friends fathers became elected to the US Senate and Congress.
The internet began to diminish the profitability of the Ruiz business.

Simultaneously the Belize drug cartels were infiltrating the Mexico end of the operations. In desperation, Fernando Ruiz reluctantly accepted a solution proposed from Carlos.
"Youve eighteen million Euros to prove what can be done Carlos. Call this a test run through the Liberec Bank. I dont want anyone messed up, especially the local families in Mexico.
As long as they are up to printing currency Ive already got the people who can organise the distribution by manipulating the computer systems. Before you know it well own most of the industrial property in Europe.

What Carlos did not know was that the UK Intelligence Services had Bernice Jayne Peters inside of the Liberec Bank monitoring the laundering of Ruiz money.

The issue was that Charles Grimshaw, who had been forced to engage Peters on his retread team, did not trust her.

Hacket, you go and see what the hell is going on. Too many bodies are turning up. Grimshaw had said. London wants, no, I want an end to this and yesterday.

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