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Just Deserts

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Sergeant Sam Morgans close friend has been killed. He is being framed for the crime by a corrupt police lieutenant, who was responsible for the death. Morgan survives attempts on his own life as he tries to clear himself. He becomes involved in a vast worldwide conspiracy in which businessman, politicians and criminals vie with each other to get control of the research papers of a famous scientist, Dr. Sanchez, who has been killed in a botched kidnapping. With the help of friends like Wang, a shady Chinese manipulator, El Gordo, a Sino-Cubano restaurant owner and others, he unravels a conspiracy so complicated that even the participants are not sure whose side theyre on.
Judy Greene is beautiful, intelligent, broke and desperate. A former government researcher, she has a young daughter and a senile father to support. She is bribed by a retired intelligence officer, Colonel Lawson, who has been hired by a large corporation to get Sanchez papers, whatever the cost. To confuse adversaries, Greene agrees to masquerade as the wife of an assassin she never meets. Unknown to her, an old lover has infiltrated the colonels operation and may have recommended her for the job.
Many others are involved in the twisting fast-moving pursuit of the Sanchez papers. Among them: Harry Gibson, the ambitious and ruthless fixit guy; Palermo, the squirming Mafia don who distributes the drugs being imported by McCameron, the CEO of a shipping company who picks up the tab for all the mayhem and may be untouchable; big and small operators, all cogs in a corrupt adventure. The goal of this competition is control of a discovery that will make all other forms of energy irrelevant and the possessors of the research wealthy and powerful. To survive all the betrayal, violence and even a tangled love affair requires courage, nerve and luck.

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