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Journey: A Book of Poems

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Journey: A Book of Poems offers a uniquely introspective way of looking into past experience and how it affects author Leonie E. Marson-Lewiss life today. The poems in this collection offer a fresh, in-depth reflection on interpersonal relationships. Marson-Lewis explores her life through verse as it highlights the relationships she has developed throughout her life.

Journey expresses the belief that not everything deemed not good is bad for you and that all things and experiences have purpose in shaping that journey that we take throughout our lives. Crochet Bag pays homage to mothers and maternal figures who guide us to the lives we will ultimately lead and the people we will become. A Childs Need marvels at Marson Lewiss fathers success at raising nine children. Full of memories of her vital life experiences, this collection calls on you to recall great moments of your own life.

Crochet Bag

She made it from a piece of the material
off a spread she had just finished.
Here, this bag will last you for ever.
Keep your wool and needles in it.

Cut from cloth that kept me warm.
Made with hands of a loving mum.
Placed into my hands,
Passed straight to my heart.
My crochet bag.
Thanks Mum.

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