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The Natural Order of Human Events

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Family members of the Secretary General of the United Nations are
murdered in a homicide bombing in Jerusalem. Overcome with grief,
the Secretary General then takes his own life.
His successor, Mikki Paarsalu of Estonia, vows to reform the corrupt
international organization; but during his acceptance speech, he steps
on a few toes and makes a few enemies.
Th e Natural Order Of Human Events chronicles the efforts of
Paarsalus enemies as they try to teach him a lesson for his public
humiliation of them. Those enemies include a powerful mullah at a
mosque in Boulder, Colorado, and a Middle Eastern ambassador to
the United Nations.
Th e story also tracks the efforts of Paarsalus friends as they try
to protect him from his enemies. Working in his behalf are: Johnny
Skull, who is on his own mission of revenge; a U.S. Congressman and
an Israeli Mossad agent; Jimmie Masroun, a co-ed at the University
of Wyoming, and her Italian cousin Fannie Scalisi; Saundra Jessup
and Paul Davidson, reporters for The Sheridan County Sunrise, an
award-winning weekly newspaper in the Village of Story, Wyoming;
and, members of World Interconnect, or WI-7, an international
terrorist-tracking organization, which includes Jenny Jessup, a new
WI-7 believes that the Yemeni jihadist, Abu Zulu, is the man behind
the plot to harm Paarsalu and the hunt for Abu Zulu begins.

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