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Civil War Iii

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It is the best case or it is the worst case. Set in the current day, this is the fictional story of the United States in a time of political upheaval which for the third time in our Nations history pits a portion of the citizenry against a Government that has become oppressive. This story traces the politics of the secession; and rebirth of a nation through the political evolution of a young family man from Illinois named Jim Jennings, who becomes increasingly evolved in the intrigues of politics and war.

The men and women who fight the Third Civil War are heroic and patriotic, yet as warm and familiar as an old shoe, as we see by glimpses into their private lives. Battles are brief and relatively bloodless against uninspired Federal troops in isolated garrisons. The major thrust of the Secessionist forces is to capture and control Federal nuclear assets before they can be used against them. This effort is partially successful in that they manage to capture all of the large strategic weapons and all but eleven tactical nuclear devices. Using conventional means of delivery, and various terrorist tactics, the Federal forces will use these eleven devices in an attempt to destroy the Secessionists Ports, and bring the Revolution to an end.

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