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Emotional Blackmaile Ii: Sugar Slave

132 pages40 minutes


A collection of lyrical illustrations depicting the compromising scenarios that we often find our hearts in, Sugar Slave, the second installment of works from the Emotional Blackmaile trilogy, is a profound journey which exemplifies the love that compels us to our greatest of highs and plunges us into the base of our depths.
Tackling the pain of deceit and betrayal, while strengthening the determination to understand and overcome our personal shortcomings, this volume vicariously offers spiritual, intellectual and sensual reflections of the emotional dilemmas that animate our lives and enrich the human experience.
Inspired by an unwavering conviction to explore the complexities of the human condition, and driven by a burning desire to dispel the turmoil of guilt and shame, Sugar Slave follows on from Lovechild and represents the ongoing quest for an empathic companion in a world governed by fear, greed and the clamoring din of our competitive egos.

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